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Instead of the traditional Blockchain approach, Massa uses the state-of-the art Blockclique architecture to withstand thousands of transactions per second, while staying secure and fully decentralized. Learn more

[CEO] Sébastien Forestier studied Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences at École Normale Supérieure, and did a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at INRIA Bordeaux. During his PhD, he got interested in the scalability problem of blockchains and developed a new protocol using transaction sharding in a multithreaded block graph.

[General manager] Adrien Laversanne-Finot studied at École Polytechnique. After a PhD in fundamental physics on quantum computing and cryptography, he did a post-doc at INRIA in artificial intelligence and robotics. During his post-doc, he worked on the development of the Massa technology.

[CTO] Damir Vodenicarevic has a wide knowledge of banking and payment systems. He designed and implemented machine learning based detection systems against fraud, money laundering and terrorism funding within the Treezor bank-as-a-service. He also has a PhD in computer science, and previous experience as a co-founder and CTO.

Full remote Rust developer, long-term contract (French CDI)

In order to retire our basic python prototype, our current goal is to develop a first complete, robust and high-performance version of our architecture's core, for which the Rust language is the ideal choice.

Your first task will be to implement, together with us, the architecture defined in our scientific paper: a peer-to-peer Rust client allowing the deployment of a test network (testnet) on a set of internet- or LAN-connected nodes, thus giving birth to an experimental crypto-currency.

You will then be tasked with adding features, and improving the performance, stability and the security of the testnet, in order to prepare the release of a fully functional and easy-to-use crypto-currency.

Your job will consist, together with us, in defining a project layout, overcoming one-of-a-kind implementation challenges, and developing decentralized software using async/await and the Tokio library in order to leverage the power of modern superscalar hardware. The code needs to be commented, maintainable, documented, and include unit and functional tests.

As our code is destined to become open source, we have chosen Gitlab as our versioning and continuous integration system. Peer-to-peer network tests will be done on large sets of cloud nodes provided on demand.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience with git
  • Demonstrated experience with a systems programming language (for example C/C++, ideally Rust)
  • A demonstrated interest in mastering Rust
  • Knowledge of network and protocols stacks (TCP/IP, buffering, encryption, multiplexing)
  • Interest in blockchains, distributed and decentralized systems, as well as practical cryptography

The position is a full-remote French CDI, with at least three calls per week, but in practice we will be mostly working together. As we are a young company, you will be directly supervised by two of the co-founders, and will develop together with them.

If the testnet step is satisfactory, and if it suits your taste, you will qualify for managing a future team of developers.

We hope to hear from you soon on our contact e-mail !


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